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S. Katherine Cree, Leadenhall Street: all Halloes, Barking

S. Katherine Cree, Leadenhall Street: all Halloes, Barking

With its Renaissance lines and Gothic details S. Katherine Cree (left) is something of an oddity in London church architecture. Its site in Leadenhall Street is that of a much earlier church which had disappeared in 1629 when the present building was erected. Two years later it was dedicated by Laud, then Bishop of London, whose High Church conduct of this ceremony was brought up against him when he stood on trial for his life. His headless body was buried at All Hallows, Barking (right) until after the Restoration when the remains were removed to Oxford. All Hallows just escaped destruction by the Great Fire; its porch was, in fact, destroyed. It is the most complete, medieval example of the City churches.

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