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Express Passenger Locomotive, No. 190

Express Passenger Locomotive, No. 190

Express passenger locomotive, No. 190 from the Great Western Railway, designed by Mr. G.J. Churchward. M.Inst.C.E.
BoilerLength14' 10''
Diameter4' 10¾''
Diameter outside5' 6''
Fire Box LengthOutside9' 0''
Inside8' 2 7/15''
Fire Box WidthOutside5' 3'' / 4' 0''
Inside4' 9'' / 3' 2 5/8''
Diameter of WheelsBogie3' 2''
Coupled6' 8½''
Trailing4' 1½''
Weight in Working OrderEngine70t. 10cwt.
Tender36t. 18cwt.
Total107t. 8cwt.
Grate Area27.07 sq.ft.
Water Capacity3000 galls.
Tubes No.250
Heating SurfaceTubes1988.65 sq.ft.
Fire box154.26 sq.ft.
Total2142.91 sq.ft.
Working Pressure225 lb. per sq. inch.
Coal Capacity6 tons.

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