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Coast Light at Point of Ayre, on the Isle of Man

Coast Light at Point of Ayre, on the Isle of Man

Lighthouses have existed on the fog-bound coasts of, the Isle of Man for more than a hundred years. In 1815, under pressure from the merchants of Liverpool, whose maritime trade suffered severely through the absence of coast lights, the Scottish Lighthouse Commissioners obtained the necessary Parliamentary sanction for their erection. A report on suitable sites was furnished by Robert Stevenson; and John Gladstone, of Liverpool, father of the great Victorian statesman, was the moving spirit of the venture. Construction was proceeded with at Point of Ayre, the northernmost point of the main island. Three years later two other houses were erected on the west side of the Calf of Man. The Ayre light is more than 600 feet above the sea level, b it the others are lower.

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