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Reign of George II. (Continued.) page 11

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The campaign in Italy was as successful for the French as that in Flanders. Don Philip and marshal Maillebois, uniting their armies, crossed the Alps. There they were joined by the count de Gages with the Spanish and Neapolitan troops, which had defeated Koblowitz at Velletri. This powerful combined army was further swelled by ten thousand Genoese, who were smarting under the cession of Finale at the treaty of Worms. Admiral Rowley, the English commander in the Mediterranean, did his best to create a diversion in favour of Austria, by bombarding and burning the towns on the Genoese coast, but in vain. The powerful army of Spaniards, French, Neapolitans, and Genoese forced the passage of the Tanaro, and defeated the Austrians and Sardinians, under the king of Sardinia and count Schulemberg, near Bassignano. The Sardinian king retreated to his capital, and Don Philip and his allies entered Milan in triumph, having on the way received the submission of Casal, Asti, Lodi, and other towns. Don Philip already saw himself king of Northern Italy, as his brother, Don Carlos, was of the South. The French were almost everywhere triumphant this year, except on the Rhine, where the prince of Conti, weakened by the draughts made upon him for the army in Flanders, had been compelled to retreat with considerable loss by count Traun. In America, however, a body of four thousand colonists from Boston, aided by a body of marines, and by admiral Warren with ten ships of the line, had invaded and completely conquered the island of cape Breton.

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Westminster election
Westminster election >>>>
Harbour of Helsingfors
Harbour of Helsingfors >>>>
The retreat of Belleisle
The retreat of Belleisle >>>>
View near Egra
View near Egra >>>>
George II. at the battle of Dettingen
George II. at the battle of Dettingen >>>>
Medal in commemoration of the battle of Dettingen.
Medal in commemoration of the battle of Dettingen. >>>>
View in the city of Worms
View in the city of Worms >>>>
Prince Charles
Prince Charles >>>>
Duke of Belleisle
Duke of Belleisle >>>>
Prince Charles Stuart
Prince Charles Stuart >>>>

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