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How we did it page 2

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The tiny stream is now a rivulet, and in it the angler plies his craft with success; huge bridges cast their dark shadows across it; lesser streams mingle their waters and their fortunes in its course; villages rise and flourish on its borders; and obstructions of vast strength are laid in its channel, that its current may be rendered still more useful to practical and all-absorbing man. Onwards still, and large buildings hang gloomily over its now stone-bound banks; and by it the vast city holds a place among the marts of industry, and the citizens name its name with pride. Broadly and darkly roll its waters now, mingling with the salt spray of the ocean; and vessels from every clime are borne gently on its bosom, freighted with the treasures of far countries, and the produce of its own.

Roger and we have now reached a portion of the stream, which bear on it some new features. The channel is more rocky and the streams more rapid than below. We begin again to try the effect of our persuasion on the residents here, and considering the time of the day, meet with excellent sport. Roger, on coming opposite a perpendicular rock that had its base in a dark sombre pool of seemingly vast depth, asked if ever lie told us of his adventure of the "Dwarf's Rock?"


"Then I'll tell you about it by and by. I've called this the Dwarf's Rock ever since. Take a look at it now; for I think we will have to turn homewards soon. I should'nt like to miss the train: better an hour too soon than a minute too late, when locomotives are in question, as no amount of 'tipping' can ever prevail on their drivers to 'remember' you, when, destitute of breath, one arrives just in time to see the train start."

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