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Floating flies page 3

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No. 5. Rough Olive,
Body: White swan herl, dyed olive, ribbed with gold.
Hackle: Cock's hackle, dyed medium olive.
Tail: Medium olive.
Wings: Starling, upright.
Season: Useful any time, very good in April and September.

No. 6. March Brown.
Body: Brown quill.
Hackle: Cock's hackle, dyed olive.
Tail: Dark olive.
Wings: Hen-pheasant wing, upright.
Season: April.

No. 7. Iron-Blue Dun.
Body: Black quill.
Hackle: Cock's hackle, dyed dark olive.
Tail: Dark olive.
Wings: Blackbird, upright.
Season: April and May, cold days during summer, and September.

No. 8. Black Spider.
Body: Black quill. Hackle: Black hen.
Tail: Black.
Season: Useful at any time.

No. 9. Red Quell.
Body: Undyed quill.
Hackle: Ginger hen.
Tail: Ginger.
Season: Evenings of June and July.

No. 10. Blue Hen Spider.
Body: Yellow quill, ribbed with brown silk.
Hackle: Blue hen (light dun).
Tail: Blue hen.
Season: Evenings of June and July, when Pale Watery Dun is up.

No. 11. Gravel-bed (Clyde Sand-fly).
Body: Black quill.
Hackle: Black hen's, long and fixed on top of wing.
Wings: Hen-pheasant tail, few fibres only, tied flat along the body.
Season: Second fortnight of May to end of July; in warm weather.

No. 12. Black Midge.
Body: Black quill.
Hackle: Black hen.
Wings: Speckled hackle points dyed olive, projecting on each side of body.
Season: Warm days of summer.

No. 13. Badger Hackle.
Body: Black silk, very short.
Hackle: Badger, black centre, white tips.
Season: Warm, calm weather when trout are " smutting."

No. 14. Corncrake Sedge.
Body: Broad yellow quill.
Hackle. Red hen hackle, continued down the body.
Wings: Corncrake, pent-shaped.
Season: Afternoon and early evening in July.

No. 15. Cinnamon Sedge.
Body: Hare-lug.
Hackle: Dark brown hen.
Wings: Brown hen, pent-shaped.
Season: June and July evenings.

No. 16. Grannom or Greentail.
Body: light hare-lug.
Hackle: Pale red, hen's hackle.
Wings: Inside of soft part of hen-pheasant wing, pent-shaped.
Butt: Peacock, green.
Season: May.

No. 17. Black Sedge.
Body: Broad black quill over silk.
Hackle: Black hen.
Wings: Black hen, pent shaped.
Season: August.

No. 18. Needle-Brown.
Body: Brown quill.
Hackle: Natural brown cock.
Season: From August onwards.

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