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The Modern angler, containing instructions in the art of fly-fishing, spinning and bottom-fishing.


The Modern angler, containing instructions in the art of fly-fishing, spinning and bottom-fishing, fully describing the tackle, and other requisites. Embellished with numerous Lithographs and Wood Engravings, with an account of he best places for angling, including the Thames, Lea &c., by "Otter", author of "A Couplets guide to spinning & trolling."

Dear Reader, I fancy I hear you say "What! another work on Angling!" Yes, but although there are already not a few, yet some treat of such very ancient descriptions of tackle, that they are too obsolete for these go-aliead days; others, again, are more modern, but their parents being wedded to some particular method of Angling, immediately, like Dickens' immortal "Alderman Cute" seek to " put down " everything else, recommending their special modus operandi as the one grand universal panacea for the general "want," viz: - a sure method of taking fish with a rod and line. One Angler will gravely recommend you not to use anything but a worm; another sagely remarks that the gentle is the "correct thing;" whilst a third, probably a vegetarian concludes to use nothing but a green pea or a bit of paste. These three sagacious individuals, being bottom fishers, pure et simple, and probably fishing in three totally different methods, will declare that his is the only "certain " style of Angling. Dear Reader, be advised by me, there is no really " certain " way of catching fish with the rod and line, for when everything may appear to be perfectly favorable, they won't feed; another day, the water, weather and other etceteras, seem the reverse of pleasant, and yet somehow they will feed. "Why is this? Because probably there was something or other, insects perchance, in the water, which they preferred to your bait the first day; whilst on the second, versatile creatures, they changed their minds and unfortunately for them preferred your bait to the insects. The nearest approach to certainty is to fish tine and keep as much out of sight of the fish as possible. My object, therefore, has been in these pages to place before you as clearly and conciselv as possible, the most modern and successful methods of angling for each description of fish, and to impress strongly on your mind that "practise makes perfect."

Should you, Dear Header, be an " Old Hand". I trust that if some of my notions do not exactly agree with the views you may have hitherto entertained, you will be indulgent and not condemn them without trial.

To the Angling Critic, I would, in conclusion, remark that 1 have been induced to pen these pages partly in consequence of the very successful reception with which my "Guide to Spinning and Trolling " was met, by the Angling "World; and partly at the earnest solicitation of numerous angling friends; reminding him that I have written them in as practical a manner as possible, so as to meet the comprehension of the veriest tyro, who I trust may be as successful in Angling as "Otter."

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