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Lakes, Ponds, &c.

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Wimbledon Part. - The lake in this park contains some very large Pike, Perch, &c., and is strictly preserved; permission to fish is required, and may generally be obtained by writing to the owner.

Osterly Park, near Ealing. - In the grounds is a large lake abounding with large fish, &c. Hofland mentions the circumstance of a Pike weighing over forty pounds being found dead at the side of the lake. It had gorged the head and neck of one of the swans, and the body being rather too large, and the swan rather too powerful, this voracious monster was choked.

Hatfield Park and Brocket Hall. - The lakes in these parks, which are ted by the river Lea, contain some splendid Pike and Perch; permission may generally be obtained by writing to the noble owners.

Gatton Park, near Reigate, contains a large lake and pond. These hold a considerable number of tine Pike and Perch; the pond, which is close to the lake, is full of Perch, many of them of very large size.

Blenheim Park, the seat of the Duke of Marlborough, is a short distance from Oxford, The waters here, which are fed by the river Glym, contain some very large Pike and Perch, but especially the former, which are sometimes taken as high as thirty pounds weight.

Cleveland Hall, in Staffordshire. -The Pike in the lake here are also large. Mr. Jesse, some years since, took one weighing 28 pounds with the spinning-bait.

Shardloes, near Amersham, in Buckinghamshire, contains a tine piece of water, with plenty of fish.

Virginia Water and the Great Lake. - An order to fish these splendid preserves is rather difficult to obtain. It may perhaps be procured through the Deputy Ranger (Col. Seymour). Holly Grove, Windsor Park, but can only be used when the Royal Family is from Windsor

Home Park, Hampton Court. - The ponds (three in number), and the long canal contain some very fine fish. Orders to be obtained at the office of the Master of the Horse.

Richmond Park. - The Penn Ponds contain some good Pike and Perch, but are very weedy. Orders to fish are to be obtained from the Deputy Ranger, Col. Liddell.

Ruislip Reservoir, between the Pinner and Uxbridge Stations, contains some good Jack and Perch. It. belongs to the Grand Junction Canal.

Godstone, Surrey. - There is a lake near this place containing some good fish, and here I have had some excellent sport with Pike, both with the live bait and with spinning. There is also good Perch-fishing in some parts of the lake.

Egham. - There is a good piece of water here, where there is good fishing, especially for Perch.

Dagenham Breach. - This lake, which is situated in the Essex Marshes, has a good supply of Pike, Bream, and large Perch; the latter have been taken over 4½ pounds in weight. This is a subscription water, day tickets are two shillings, and season tickets one guinea each, and is situated between the Rainham and Barking Stations on the Tilbury Line.

Wanstead Park. - The fishing in the large ponds in this park is excellent; large Pike and Perch are taken.

Slapton Lea. - This lake, situated near Dartmouth, in Devonshire, contains a great quantity of large Pike and Perch; permission to fish is obtained from Mr. Pollard, of the Sand's Hotel, which is at the side of the water. The lake is only separated from the sea by the beach, so that sea- bathing is easily attainable. The largest fish are taken in this lake with the spinning-bait, to work which properly a punt is required, for which, including the man, the charge is 3s. 6d. per day. The best route is by the Great Western Railway to Totness, thence to Dartmouth, by steamer, and from Dartmouth to Slapton Lea by fly.

Frencham Ponds, near Farnham, in Surrey. - These contain immense quantities of Perch, which I think are taken best with the Paternoster, using a live minnow for the bait. If the angler intends doing any execution at all here, he should be provided with, certainly, not less than a hundred of minnows, as ten or twelve dozen Perch may be taken in a day. The keeper at the pond charges about a shilling per day.

At Ilford, in Essex, there is a lake and a couple of ponds, containing some tine Pike and Perch. I have taken some good Pike here with the live bait, but the water is very weedy.

Kingsbury Reservoirs, on the Edgware Road, belong to the Welsh Harp Fishery, oil the river Brent, which supplies these reservoirs. They contain a great quantity of Jack and Perch, and are in the subscription to the above fishery; the terms are a guinea per annum, or half-a-crown per day. Punts may be hired for a small sum at the Welsh Harp public-house, which adjoins the water.

Stoke Newington Reservoirs. - In these there are some good Jack and Perch; as many as sixteen of the former have been taken in about a couple of hours. Tickets are obtained from the Directors of the New River Company.

Horsea Mere and Heigham Sounds. - Two lakes, a few miles north of Yarmouth, have long been celebrated for large Pike and Bream, and bear also the name of the Norfolk Broads.

The Lakes of Cumberland. - Such as Ullswater, Basingthwaite water, Buttermere, Crummock water, and numerous others, are all well supplied with large Pike and Perch, as well as Trout, and some of them contain Char.

The Lakes of Westmoreland, especially Windermere (which is over 14 miles long, and in some parts nearly two miles broad), are well stocked with fish.

The Lakes of Lancashire will also afford good sport to the angler; Esthwaite-water, especially, is noted for large Pike, and Coniston-water is said to produce the best Char in England.

In Cheshire are many large weirs and pools, which abound with Pike, Perch, &c.

Of the numerous canals intersecting the country, which contain Jack and Perch, those nearest London, are -

The Surrey Canal, which joins, near New Cross, the remains of the Croydon Canal. Perch and Jack have been taken here in considerable numbers.

The Padding ton Canal, which joins the Grand Junction Canal; and

The Regents Canal, which runs through Regent's Park, to the basin between Limehouse and Stepney, will afford mode rate sport for Jack and Perch, but. are often netted.

In the Rye Military Canal, large Pike are often taken. Two or three seasons since I saw one weighing 30 pounds, which was taken in this canal, with a live bait.

In addition to those before mentioned, there are rivers, canals, lakes, ponds, reservoirs, Arc., innumerable, all over England, in which good fishing may be had. I have merely directed the attention of the angler to the best of those known to me.

There is good fishing in the lochs and rivers of Scotland and Ireland, with few exceptions; as also in the Llyns of Wales. These have all been so well described in previous works, such as Hofland's, Stoddart's, &c., that in our present limited space it would be only a repetition of names.

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