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The Cathedrals of Wales page 2

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Very lovely is the Early English Choir, with its five great graded lancets, completely filling the East end, and its curious north and south triplets, rare in such a position, or unique. The Rood-screen has disappeared, with the great Rood that stood above it-the miracle-working "Crog Aberhonddu" that is celebrated by fifteenth-century bards: "at Aberhonddu let every man pray; there is an image graceful for its rest-fulness." Exquisite again are the thirteenth-century sedilia, the remarkable triple piscina, and the Decorated doorway on the north of the Sanctuary, in combination with a "squint." Different parts of the church were picturesquely allocated to different guilds, or groups, as the military, shoemakers, and so on.

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